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We know about human conditional love, explored through loving our parents, or gazing across the classroom with that innocent spark of infatuation, and as our maturity evolved, the loving adult relationship of love appeared. But what about divine love and spirit, the anomaly or faith based belief system that seeks to connect us to the higher power that created us.


Mind is the instrument of thought and projection in the 3rd dimensional world we live, it is through the mind that we exist in the 3rd dimension, this as we translate the human experience into the vibration of the soul or spirit for future reference and to evolve the spiritual connection to the higher realms.


“When you decide to take charge of your health, you stop functioning on automatic pilot. You no longer blindly trust your doctor because you suspect he or she can’t know everything, either; you doubt the government’s assurances on health matters because it is the nature of power to be in conflict of interest; you question the advertisements on drugs because you realize that their aim is to sell drugs and not cure you and thus lose a customer. You listen to your body because it knows best; you are not a statistic or a population average, but a unique person with an individual genetic endowment and a very personal health history requiring personalized attention”
– Roger J. Williams in Biochemical Individuality



  • Dail Croome

    Dail, is a business leader with an exceptional track record of success…

  • Kathryn McKernan

    Kathryn has earned a compelling reputation over the years working with various…

  • Brad Carrigan

    Brings more than 25 years of diversity in the political, financial, marketing,…

  • Alex Jackson

    One of Canada’s leading crypto currency authorities, Alex has worked with various…

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  • Action

    "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same." - Reagan “We Are Change” represents freedom as the sovereign being that has the birthright and duty to be informed…

  • Higher learning & spiritually

    There is much about our true history that has been veiled and covered from the eyes and consciousness of the modern person, it seems this is intentional and systematic done over the ages with vast depositories of books from past ages hidden in the vaults of the Vatican library to the true history of the…

  • Environment

    The EWS is without question, aligned with sustainability and protecting our environment. We have also researched both sides of the climate change issue, and believe both sides may have valid points that need to be addressed. First we were told we were facing “Global Warming.” then when it was clearly shown not to be the…

  • Integrative health & wellness

    The time has come to reopen the mainstream door and promote, understanding and healing of the bodies core system with integrative protocols, as these rights of the sovereign person have sadly been systematically eliminated from mainstream healing practices over the past 50 years, this due mainly to government compliance with multi-national pharmaceutical pressure and monopolies.…