Liber T Token

The “Liber T token” Is an ERC20 co-op membership fundraising token, an (ITO) whose Liber T membership supports and funds individual inherent rights and freedoms of the International community and Canadian people through the New Federation Party of Canada (NFC) and the non-profit ETERNAL WELLNESS SOCIETY (EWS) and its uncensored educational multi-media news and information network WELLNESS WORLD NEWS NETWORK (WWNN) as well as the sovereign rights free web information platform COMMON LAW RESOURCE CENTER (CLRC)

Purchase of a Liber T token membership, will directly support, the National and Global movement for change, an endeavor to achieve a free and true sovereign independent nation of Canada, as well as the added appeal of membership benefits, and a token exchange for members and supporters.

The Liber T token truly is the future of Canadian solidarity and for those who wish to join and invest in their family’s future, the EWS and it’s WWNN that will educate and the NFC, will promote a free and sovereign CANADA effectively promoting transparency, removing the veil of censorship and secrecy placed on our nation by globalist interests, that sell and control the current MSM and main political narrative.

The Liber T token / EWS membership, when purchased, benefits
the holder in multiple ways:

• Each Liber T token EWS membership purchased represents a
voice of the silent majority of Canadians with a minimum of 50%
of the initial membership token sale proceeds flowing through to
the ETERNAL WELLNESS SOCIETY (EWS). Where by membership token/s are received by the member.

• EWS will fund the not for profit WELLNESS
WORLD NEWS NETWORK (WWNN); and educational multi-dimensional information media service that supports inherent freedoms and rights of all Canadian peoples through its news and information network.

• The EWS is also mandated to fund and open the Common Law
Resource Centre (CLRC)  an information pool that will collectively assist, support, and protect individual Canadians and their inherent Constitutional Common Law via information and template sharing services.





Your EWS membership ( Liber T token) purchase will support inherent rights and
powers back to the people, where it belongs. Purchasing EWS membership the Liber T token will allow our children, and grandchildren, to truly experience a voice with a free, open and prosperous ability to enjoy the rights and freedom our forefathers fought and worked for. “Rights to the People”

HOW IT WORKS – purchase a Liber T token / EWS membership

Respecting the privacy of the New Federation Party (NFC) members, all contributions and Liber T membership donations will be kept under the $20 Elections Canada disclosure limits through the token “propriety cryptocurrency accounting system”, with Liber T token member access available at the EWS and or Liber T token Canada website.

Please note: all “international” token sales are unable to financially support a Canadian political party (NFC) due to Canada Elections Laws. Those token membership sales will go directly to the EWS as stated in the WP.


Purchase your Liber T token cryptocurrency membership token today,

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