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EWS - Global Yoga Community

Brings together and represents all aspects of yoga “union” of our planet through the WE ARE CHANGE global movement, where the consciousness of the global yoga family comes together for real change. This principal was established in India originally through the “Be The Change” independence movement, led by Mahatma Gandhi to transform awareness and our planet through seeking peaceful, but focused change.

Today times have changed but the challenges are now spread over a global community.

We truly believe Yoga ambassadors are the foundation of the WE ARE CHANGE movement starting with their exceptional contribution to their communities and commitment to developing leaders in the world of higher learning and authentically deliver this truth on a daily basis. 

The EWS global community is about building relationships within a global network for change with an international team of passionate leaders to inspire the practice of yoga, build community and connect into and create global events that align with the universal principals guiding the We Are Change movement. 

 The EWS has created an infrastructure to allow sharing of information on events, seminars, retreats and personal relationship building through our encrypted social media Phone App  

• Participate in the strategic planning process of athlete programs lending specific expertise in the yoga industry and community

• The go-to for integrating yoga programming and global yoga ambassadors / influencers into We Are Change campaigns, cross-functional partnerships and global events and experiences

• Collaborate on the global community strategy and responsible for driving awareness and innovation in developed and emerging markets

• Partner cross functionally to successfully execute global expansion projects such as retreats and political change that aligns with the universal principals of true yoga

• Work and partner with EWS global community directors to support emerging initiatives

• Partner with the people and culture team to create global yoga ambassadors and plug them into personal + leadership content development in the We Are Change movement.

• Partner with yoga teachers to deepen the relationships built through the charitable giving component of the EWS

• Establish cross functionally of our social media platforms that promote our global yoga teachers and help with the monetary creation of stability in a changing world 

Upon signing up as a yoga sponsor or EWS yoga ambassador helping the We Are Change movement you will receive a Liber T membership token/s, a crypto currency that supports global marketing and infrastructure building of the We Are Change movement 

Also a free EWS secure social media phone app / that will coordinate global yoga events/ and global member interaction though our secured Liber T twitter messaging service/ 

please see OUR free EWS PHONE APP for detail

Pease see Liber T Token for member details  --->

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