We Are Change

  • The(EWS)represents all people as sovereign beings and their rights under god to protect our family, our environment, our country and ability to promote, mind, body and spiritual awareness to our international congregation and nurture society as a whole on issues affecting our inherent and sovereign rights as a national and global society.  
  • The (EWS) will partner with, create and / or promote Liber T token member sponsored international wellness retreats, that allow education and nurturing of the mind, body and spiritual aspects of our bodies and a deeper understanding and knowledge of the real world and universe around us.
  • The Liber T token through the (EWS) will also fund the non-profit WELLNESS WORLD NEWS NETWORK (WWNN), an alternative educational information and news service, created to inform and counter MSM mainstream medias bias and or censored reporting of critical news and wellness related topics that directly affects spiritual inherent freedoms and rights of all peoples, because Canadians deserve better, “We Are Change”
  • The (EWS) will also fund the COMMON LAW RESOURCE CENTER (CLRC) that will collectively assist, support, and protect individual Canadians and their spiritual inherent Constitutional/Common Law rights from trespass and Provincial/Federal Government statute overreach.
  • Up to 50% of Each Liber T token membership purchased will be designated to NFC political parties under Elections Canada guidelines, The political goal of the NFC is to decentralize the federal Government and allow inherent powers back to the Provinces of Canada and it’s people where they rightfully belong.
  • Supporting the Liber T token“WE ARE CHANGE”movement will allow a beacon to the world as our children, and grandchildren once again experience a free and prosperous country with the ability to enjoy the sovereign rights and freedom our forefathers fought and worked for.

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